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The club was formed during the 1970’s. It continues to be a strong club of like-minded people of all ages, like-minded in that all of our members have a passion for American Classic Cars.

Club members are owners of a very wide range of American Classic Cars ranging from the 1930’s to present day models. The cars range from those that are impeccably restored to those that are a work in progress.

A Committee of up to eleven members, led by a Club President are elected by members of the club at the A.G.M. The Committee puts much effort in to organising interesting and varied events. Each month we organise a get together. These events range from car cruises to a picnic area or to a restaurant/ hotel. Some events involve answering questions along the way and prizes at the final destinations.

We also visit car collections, car shows, support charity events and events which are of interest to club members.


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Important Events

The Club has several events which occur annually

Check our Events Page for current or upcoming events!



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At the beginning of each month a newsletter is emailed or posted to all Club members.








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