Here is a list of current and upcoming events for 2018.     For further details, please contact us.

Club Events Further Details of Club Events in monthly newsletters to Members
Sunday 16th September Mystery Run 
Sunday 7th October  Spring into Oxford - Classic & Vintage Vehicle Display - The Oval, Pearson Park, Oxford
Sunday 4th November  ACCC USA DAY - Gladstone Park, Woodend
Sunday 2nd December  ACCC Christmas Party - Venue TBC
Non Club Events The following events may interest members.

1st Sunday of each month 8am start                               

Rodders Breakfast - first Sunday of every month - McLeans Island - Kustom Club Rooms

FATHER'S DAY - Sunday 2nd September  Rock 'n' Wheels, Amberley Domain, Douglas Road, Amberley
13th - 16th September  Kaikoura Hop, The kaikoura Racecourse
17th - 18th November  All American Weekend - Timaru



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